Fostering Empowerment in the Classroom: A Lesson in Agency and Inclusivity

Welcome to our education blog, where we share stories, insights, and lessons learned from the classroom. Today’s story by New Mexico educator Janet Herbert revolves around a valuable lesson on agency, inclusivity, and the power of fostering open communication with our students. The Incident: It all began with a seemingly innocent choice of a story […]

We Can’t Talk About Racism Without SEL Skills

Imagine being a school leader in New Mexico. This past year has been the most challenging of your career. The impact of the pandemic and the visibility of racist violence has physically and psychologically impacted you, your students, and their families. Despite this reality, you maintain a commitment to creating safe and more equitable educational […]

Academy of SEL Higher Ed Credentialing SmartFocus Nov. 2023

As educators prepare their students for future careers, they must recognize that social-emotional and character development (SECD) skills are as crucial to academic success as reading skills. For educators to impart these competencies to students, they must possess them (often called “Adult SEL”) and understand the nature and importance of those skills for their potential […]

Essential for Learning, Essential for Life

By Amy McConnell Franklin, Ph.D. | Founding Member, SEL4NM How Social and Emotional Learning Can Transform Our Schools and Communities Late last year, the U.S. Surgeon General announced a youth mental health crisis. The emotional and social skills we need in order to be resilient are suddenly more crucial and elusive than ever. Read more…>

What if Social-Emotional Learning is a Key to Equity in NM?

By Amy McConnell Franklin | Founding Co-Chair SEL4NM Why should schools care about social and emotional learning? Previously, we simply trusted that essential skills like managing emotions or showing empathy would logically have positive impacts on performance in schools.   Read more…>