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Learn to Lead SEL with the 3 Signature Practices: Why, What, Who, How, & When 
Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 4–5:30 p.m. PST  
Host: Dr. Cynthia Sistek, Academic Program Director for the MA in SEL 
Presenters: Casey Cuny and Tammy Larrick 

 About this Event:  

In this webinar, you will learn practical everyday strategies from the 2024 California Teacher of the Year and National University Star Adjunct, Mr. Casey Cuny. Learn how he has successfully structured his teaching using CASEL’s *3 Signature Practices Playbook (*Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning). Tammy Larrick, SCOE MA SEL Scholar, will discuss the incorporation of the 3 Signature Practices in her work with high school students, adult learners in higher education, and very successfully with staff, parents, and in school meetings in her work with Guilford County Schools – a CASEL School in North Carolina.  

Interactive Activities will model and include the 3 Signature Practices: 

      1. Welcoming Inclusion Strategies   

      2. Engaging Strategies   

      3. Optimistic Closure   

We will share dozens of strategies for each of the 3 practices. Learn more about CASEL’s 3 Signature Practices by downloading this 2-page guide:  

Casey Cuny, California Teacher of the Year 2024
 Casey Cuny is a Certified Core Adjunct teaching in the MASEL program in the Sanford College of Education at National University. He also teaches High School English at Valencia High School in Santa Clarita. At Valencia High, he serves as the English Department Chair as well as the school’s Instructional Coach. He has taught adults in higher education for National University for 12 years and has taught secondary students for 21 years. Casey was just announced as the 2024 California Teacher of the Year. He is passionate about SEL. He sees it as the most ethical approach to teaching, the gateway to true rigor, and the foundation for all meaningful instruction.  
Tammy Larrick

Tammy Larrick is in her 19th year teaching and is the K-5 visual art teacher at Millis Road Elementary School in Guilford County, North Carolina. She serves as the co-lead of her school’s SEL Goal Team. Millis Road Elementary is in its fourth year of school-wide SEL implementation. Millis Road utilizes the Harmony SEL curriculum in daily lessons and throughout the day. MRE also uses CASEL’s 3 Signature Practices in daily lessons, PLC meetings, faculty meetings, PTA meetings, and parent/family/teacher conferences. Tammy integrates SEL in every art lesson, in the hallways interacting with staff and students, and everywhere in between. Tammy believes in the power of SEL everywhere quoting an SEL mentor of hers: “SEL is the plate on which everything is served.”  

Location: Zoom link will be emailed to registered participants one week and one day prior to the webinar.  

If you missed the Fall Into Place virtual conference hosted by The New Mexico Out of School Time Network (NMOST) held this past Thursday and Friday, Oct 26 & 27, here some links to view the presentations.

Links to Kathy Price Presentations:
Link to Amy McConnell-Franklin’s Presentation:

Thank you Tina Jacquez for a well received talk last week week for October’s Monthly Statewide Convening. You can access the recording and chat HERE. Tina’s responses to three additional questions we asked her in writing are below.

Challenges I faced as an SEL Coordinator? I was the first one for the district and had to build it from the ground up. I also felt since I needed to build SEL up in our district I was not able to be present in the schools as much as I would like.

Sustainability of the position? Gadsden did not initially fill my position; they divided my duties amongst 2 directors and 2 coordinators. Thatj only lasted about 4 months and now they have hired Conrad Bobadilla, he was the Mental Health Therapist/Social worker for a high school at Gadsden.

What would have made the role easier and more fun? I think first and foremost central office staff should have had more training in SEL. As I did presentations to schools and communities, I tried to push to do a presentation to directors and coordinators but they literally told me they had no time for that. Obviously, changes need to be made from the very top and trickle down to the schools and communities. This would have made it fun for me because this is a changing life experience if done well

Educator Resiliency through SEL NM ECHO

Educator Resiliency through SEL offers a free virtual professional development opportunity for K-12 educators. Resilient educators build upon a toolbox of strategies that help navigate difficulties in a way that allows them to adapt in virtual, hybrid, and in-person classrooms. During the program, participants will discover opportunities for students and adults to cultivate practices, and reflect on the social & emotional competencies of: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Topics Covered

  • Modeling Strategies
  • Mindfulness & SEL

Target Audience

  • K-12 Educators
  • Administrators

Contact Information


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Sessions begin Tuesday, September 12, 2023 and will repeat every 2 weeks on Tuesdays.

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“We are born whole, but we need each other to be complete.” Plato

“Without love, all worship is a burden, all dancing is a chore, all music is mere noise” Rumi

“What counts sometimes cannot be counted” Unknown

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Dr. George Otero, from Relational Learning started us off thinking how leading with relationship first sets a foundation upon which SEL skills and practices can have the most impact. As one participant  stated. “ This was the best SEL4NM convening that I’ve been to! Wonderful!” If you would like to view the recording, chat and slides please access them HERE.

Building Connections With Each Other

On Wednesday, July 26, 4-5 pm we invited our statewide SEL practitioners to join us on Zoom to share snippets of our stories, areas of passion and interest as we want to expand our capacity to help as needs arise. If you were unable to attend, here is a link to the meeting chat and slides.

If you were unable to attend the June 28 convening, here is a link to the session:  June 28 State Convening

State Wide Virtual Convening

SEL in Action: Student Voice and Choice

Yesterday’s statewide convening  on “Student Voice and Choice” was our largest of the year, featuring Mark Richert – Taos Schools SEL Coordinator, with the Community Co Facilitators: Gwen Fernandez – Harwood, Christina Neubrand – Harwood, Cindy Valerio – Art Soul and Miles Bonny – Taos Alive, along with 5 Taos students. We appreciate their time, honesty and commitment to social and emotional learning. Thank you!

The meeting materials including a project overview PDF, recording, and chat can be accessed HERE.


It’s our season for planting seeds of hope and optimism. Last week (March 29) we had a fun convening talking about conflict resolution strategies with Ron Price called “Germs & Antibodies”. Here is the link to the meeting folder with recording, chat and handout.


Follow this link to review March 10 SELDAY sessions.

https://selday.org/summitTo access the recording, you simply click on the title of the session, and it takes you to the recording.

“Uplifting Hearts, Connecting Minds”

 Statewide Convening:

Wednesday, February 22, 4-5 pm

Thank you all who joined us. If you missed the fun, this will help:

Meeting Recording & Chat

Our Executive Summary on Wellness Spaces

Our entire final research paper on Wellness Spaces

We want to thank the LOR Foundation for allowing our research team (Dr. Soña Saiz, Dr. Amy McConnell Franklin,
Dr. Lynne McMahan, & Erin Armijo, MA) to complete this important work.



Our Virtual Conference 

September 28th

on SEL in New Mexico was quite successful!

This event was co-hosted by SEL4NM and Committee for Children

This collaborative event with Committee for Children was well attended and the learning deep. A huge thanks to the incredible team from Committee for Children, along with guest presenters Jordan Posamentier and Dr. Tia Kim. Our NM panelists: Leslie Kelly, M. Soña Alaniz Saiz, PhD, LCSW,  Ali Moore, LCSW, Mahpiya Black Elk, and Kersti Tyson, PhD, showed the depth and diversity of resources we have statewide and we appreciate their dedication to our communities.  

Please access the slides, recording, chat and download the newly released LANL research  HERE.