Resources Across the State

“The resources provided here do not constitute an endorsement of any particular program, person,  product, or service. SEL4NM encourages educators, communities, and families to evaluate all materials to ensure they align with their specific needs and values. Considering the impetus or ‘origin story’ of a SEL program is a good way to evaluate the skills and concepts that will be prioritized by a particular program.”

Christell Begay
(505) 860-0428
Social Emotional Learning Administrator

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in seeing the whole child, parent involvement, and learning the resources to help students.

Wendy Croze
(505) 927-0163
MA Humanities Social Science BA Transpersonal Psychology

I do contract my services.

  1. Strength- experience with peer mentoring in Rio Arriba County and relationship building within schools and with families
  2. Interest- school settings that integrate culture, supporting Grandparents and kin raising all ages of children, bringing genuine change informed by local stories.
  3. Expertise- transformative approaches to wellness.

    I am one more person to stand up for transformed educational and human service systems, and believe kids and families have the right to feel safe, seen, heard, and valued for who they are now, not who they should be later according to worn out beliefs and theories.

Carrie Dalrymple
(505) 249-5146
Development Director, Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions. Also serving in McKinley and Cibola County

Our programs are fee based, but we work individually with partners to find grants or other funding sources, and we provide scholarships for some individual students.

Cottonwood Gulch has been providing summer outdoor education with a focus on SEL for 97 years. In the last 15 years, we have expanded to include school year programming with local (statewide) school partners. We have existing curriculums that are aligned with state standards, and are open to partnering with schools, child care organizations and home school groups. I am interested in collaborating with other SEL educators.

I’m very interested in working with any educators who are looking for experiential, outdoor education opportunities for their kids. Please call! I’m also interested in any certifications or seals we could apply for to have us designated as an SEL educator. Thanks!

Rebekah Deane
(970) 444-5357
K-12 School Counselor

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in High School, Trauma-Informed, Communication Skills

Dr. Vicki Handfield
Clinical Psychologist

I do not contract my services.

Therapy/public speaking/writing

Michele Hunt
School Director, EQ certified trainer, trainer in parenting with Love and Logic, SEL leader for charter school

Yes, I contract my services.

I provide direct service at Anansi Charter, I have volunteered services for other schools, and provided trainings for others.

Foundational understanding of SEL, Importance of skill development in staff and students (PD), DEvelopment of School Culture (probably a few more areas)

Tina Jacquez
Retired school social worker and SEL coordinator.

Yes, I contract my services.

Will support Anthony & surrounding area
Jenn Jevertson
(505) 469-8458
Assistant Director, Office of Student Wellness, Santa Fe Public Schools.

SFPS Responsibilities include oversight of SEL, prevention of suicide, bullying, substance use, gun violence, youth-driven initiatives, experiential education, staff professional development, Safe Zones, etc…

LGBTQ+/anti-bias/Safe Zones, suicide,bullying,
youth driven initiatives

Michelle Katz
(216) 409-4882
MA in Counseling, Life Coach, Yoga instruction

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in uniquely created trainings/coaching, tailor made to meet the needs of each community

Lisa Larsgaard
SEL, Mental Health, MTSS, PBIS, SpEd, Behavior Prevention and Intervention

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in creating a Digital Platform to Assess and Monitor Student Mental Wellness; Identifying Students in Crisis Who Fall Under the Radar; Delivering High Quality Learning Opportunities for Mental Wellness and Substance Use/Misuse

Lindsey Lopez
(505) 903-2367

Contracting dependent on the service.

Expertise in Reflective Supervision, Consultation, Training, and Coaching

Ethel M Manuelito
(505) 793-2796
School Principal

I do not contract my services.

We are implementing SEL at our Middle School; using Navajo Language and Culture; CLRI

Billie G. Mathews
B3, K-8, K12 certified educator, college instructor, education consultant/ presenter/trainer, researcher (qualitative case study research)

Yes, I contract my services.

public speaking, coaching/training, research

Amy McConnell Franklin, PhD, MPH, MEd
Licensed Mental Health Counselor NM #006208
Taos, NM 87529

Yes, I contract my services.

Professional learning,  thought partner, researcher, consultant, keynote speaker.   Emotional intelligence and  social and emotional skills development (SEL).

Founding co-Chair and current Executive Director of

Lynne McMahan, Ed.D.
Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Yes, I contract my services.

Lynne McMahan, Ed.D. has been in the work of SEL through her teaching, leading, and training, incorporating the Tribes process, now Peace Learning Circles, for 32+ years in each of the educational settings she has been involved with. As a professional developer, mentor, and coach for educators,  Peace Learning Circles Trainer, and Systems Consultant, she helps schools, districts, and organizations create positive learning cultures through professional learning community development, visioning, strategic planning, and sustainable, and responsive leadership processes. She has lived in New Mexico, both in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, off and on for 15 years.
Ali Moore
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Expertise in Positive Youth Development; Trauma-responsive and Healing Centered Practices; Workforce development with adolescents and young adults (and the adults that support them)
Visit our website for more information:
Future Focused Education:

Reeve M Mora
(505) 440-4942
Family engagement skills

I do not contract my services.

I have knowledge of a wide range of networks that help families be the best version of the family as a whole and each one in that family as individuals.

Caitlin M Neiduski
(617) 543-3044
Partnership Manager

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in SEL assessment, SEL Prof Development, Evidence-Based Strategies and Resources.

Dr. George G. Otero
(505) 690-8123
50 years as educator, founder and director of multicultural learning center and Center for RelationaLearning,  Ed.D global/multicultural education

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in Building relationships, understanding self and others, connecting family, school and community
Committed to helping learners, leaders and citizens put the relationship first in all they do

Kathy Price
(505) 330-5574
MA in Early Childhood Special Education, NM 3A and 3B licenses

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in Providing PD in social emotional academic learning , working with early childhood providers to build resiliency in children and integrating the life skills of SEL into our work environments.
I serve on the founding leadership team of SEL4NM

Ron Price MA
(505) 330-8795
BA Sociology; MA Counseling; 30+ years mediator; 20+ years life and relationship coach; Author of 3 books

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in CPR – Conflict Prevention & Resolution; Motivational/Inspirational Speaking; Humorist

May Sabakken
(505) 264-2705
Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer

Yes, I contract my services.

I do workshops, training of staff, and coaching

Kristen Santesson
Bachelors: ECED, Masters: ECED: SEL Concentration

Yes, I contract my services.

Expertise in Community-Wide SEL approach, Embedded SEL into daily curriculum practices, Parenting Practices to support SEL

Cynthia Sistek
(858) 663-8563
Professor of SEL

Yes, I contract my services.

Generalist of All SEL Content, Academic Professor, Curriculum

Heather Slayton Summers
(505) 577-3806
Senior Program Manager STEM

I do not contract. I am here to support educators and will make time in my schedule as needed.

Expertise in Discourse in STEM for all students, Middle School teacher support, Resiliency and Sustainability for all K-12 Educators and Students

Zach Taylor
(505) 231-1698
Program Director at the Santa Fe Center for Transformational School Leadership, Licensed School

Yes, I contract my services.

Administrator, Trained Mindfulness Educator, Certified Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coach

Expertise in Training school leaders and faculty in SEL practices. Helping schools to develop positive and healthy school cultures. Facilitating dialogues with school groups.

Maaike Thomas
(575) 725-3037

Reycel Tousley
(505) 860-0639
Level 2 6-12 Math Licensed

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in Getting along with the group, speak out your mind and discover my specialty

Marcia Lee Unnever
New Mexico Trainer Registry – Competency 1, B.A. Educ.

Yes, I contract my services.

“Breathe – Move – Learn” Program for Early Childhood & Elementary School – Onsite Classes and Customized Videos – Bilingual (English and Spanish).

We serve elementary schools and Child Development Centers throughout New Mexico. References and testimonials available upon request.

Kimberly Walker
(505) 614-4199

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in mentoring, better supporting our youth, better understanding the challenges facing our youth

Laurel Wyckoff (northern and central NM)
Education and Outreach NMPBS

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in Teacher support with media, early childhood and K-12, PBS Curriculum and media

Perfeilia Zohnie
(1505) 320-6057
Instructional Social Emotional Learning Administrator

I do not contract my services.

Expertise in Implementing behavior, implementing SEL in classrooms, school culture